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Happy New Leap Year!

12/30/2011 04:08 PM

Today I started reading “Happy Leap Year!” by Dr. Bill Quain. (Wales Publishing Company, Ocean City, New Jersey, 2011. Visit

Quain starts his book by exploring the history of a leap year – its origins, the ways it has changed over the centuries, how it has been adopted by various cultures, and what each of these historical aspects might mean for individuals.

Quain’s overarching concept, which is evident right from the beginning, is that a Leap Year need not be just an interesting chronological quirk. It can also be a mental approach to changing the next 366 days from being “common” to a “leap” in terms of where one’s life is heading.

Each chapter has space at the end for making Leap Year resolutions, supported with helpful questions to shape the reader’s thinking. The question for Chapter 1 invites the reader to write their Leap Year Resolution. “Why will this year be an uncommon year?” and importantly, “What will you do differently?”

My resolution for the Leap Year that just happens to be starting on Jan 1, 2012, is that this will be the year ClearVision Leadership is piloted as a gift to the world I live in, and the church I serve in. As with all gifts, acceptance is optional but the offer will be made.

I hope you take this opportunity to consider what will make your next 366 days either common or a leap year. Quain’s lovely insight is that your Leap Year can start today, tomorrow, or any other day.

When ever you take the leap and start your uncommon year, I hope you have a wonderful time with it and that your Leap Year makes a difference the rest of us will notice and appreciate.

Happy New Leap Year!

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