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Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy

12/23/2010 05:37 AM

Recently a YouTube video and commentary by Derek Sivers has become very popular around leadership circles. See Derek’s page here

The video features a guy at a rock festival dancing – all alone. He is then joined by another guy, and before you know it there’s a great crowd!

It’s a fantastic lesson in growing a movement without any infrastructure or institutional frameworks, other than an available crowd and some musicians.

A lot is made of the first follower, and I have to agree that followers are critical in leadership. But this video is not really about leadership. It’s about creating a movement, which draws on some key aspects of leadership skill.

True leadership however is more about vision. Leadership is not so much about great ideas abut an awesome scenario for the future.

The latest federal election in Australia was a totally underwhelming experience primarily because no-one could put up even one decent vision for Australia, let alone offer us a choice of futures.

The ClearVision Leadership experience begins firstly with character & vision. Skills and other leadership resources will come later, but let’s get the foundations right first.

Learn more about the ClearVision Leadership experience by contacting us via the contact form on our website.

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