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How will the world be better because you were in it? You decide!

Many companies struggle to hold executive staff, particularly from Gen Y (under 30 year olds). One of the most significant costs on your balance sheet is staff turnover. In addition to training and up-skilling new recruits, replacing staff has many hidden costs such as staff inefficiency, peer-to-peer training which makes existing staff less efficient, plus the steady stream of mistakes and omissions during the early stages of employment.

We know why Gen Y staff move on, and will be able to help change things so that your youngest and brightest staff can’t help but want to come to work.

Most people, but especially Gen Y are looking for a greater sense of purpose in life. Work needs to be meaningful and personally rewarding. Young executives in your company are not content to wait until you’re ready for them to lead. They want work that is visionary, purposeful and significant in the long term.

Currently under development, the CVL Corporate program aligns corporate resources with personal executive vision in order to create an impact on the world measured in people’s lives lived to the full. The ClearVision Leadership Corporate Program is about impact rather than profit, about corporate contribution rather than shareholder interest, about a ROI measured in lives rather than dollars. The bottom line is a world where every person has the opportunity live life to the full.

For businesses, ClearVision Leadership will compliment existing training systems to inspire your young executive leaders to see the world with new eyes and to tap into the resources of your company to create a positive impact on the world.

The ClearVision Leadership experience will consist of five integrated stages. Each is an experience on its own, but also builds on the momentum and vision developed in the previous stage. The Corporate experience begins at Stage 1.

Stage 1 – FOCUS – Excellent process for raising existing corporate emerging leaders (Young Guns) with high potential for impact. Incorporates skill needs assessment, corporate culture & vision alignment, values and character discovery, and preparation for IRIS experience.

Stage 2 – IRIS – Immersion experience to raise the sights of Gen Y leaders to think and act globally, and envisage a new world. Taps into passion and purpose rather than just skills.

Stage 3 – CLEARSCOPECorporate LeAders Returning to School On PurposE. Impacting up & coming leaders at secondary school to foster hope, vision and dream for a new world.

Stage 4 – LASER – Corporate sponsored mentoring of senior (Yr 11-12) secondary student leaders by young executives. Incorporates school-based or school camp sessions.

Stage 5 – ONSIGHT – Rapid launch strategy for tertiary students to get their feet on the ground in the corporate community. This is work placement on steroids!

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